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  • Address : 9-ti Kilometar b.b.
  • Place: Stip
  • Distance: ≈7491 км

  • Fax: +389 32 385149
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 07:00 to 15:00


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DPUT “TM” DOO Shtip is founded in 2003, with legal residence on str. Strumichki pat 9-ti km b.b. in Shtip, Republic of Macedonia.

The core business of the company is design, surveilance and installation of electro-energetic equipement and facilities of low and medium voltage.
The company is in disposal of a hall for assembling of products, workshop for maintaining and warehouse, with total area of 700м². DPUT “ТМ” DOO Shtip has 24 employees of which 5 with university education and 19 with secondary education.

In the past years TM has specialized in design solutions, projects, construction and installation of:

- Electrical installations on residential, commercial, industrial facilities, substations, 10,35 kV transmission lines, LV distribution networks and facilities
- Testing the safety of electrical installations, lightning rod, lighting in work areas and protective earthing, dielectric penetration of transformer oil
- Locating routes and defects of LV and HV cables and their rehabilitation
- Voltage testing of cables
- Maintenance and construction of street lighting
- Filtering of transformer oil

TM is a flexible company that monitors customer requirements applying the latest technological advancements, regulations and technical standards.
It has license A for construction buildings of first category,
License C for construction of buildings of third category,
License A for supervision of construction of buildings of first category.

The products of TM are controled by the Department for Control . The Department for Control is an organizational unit within TM. The same is equipped with an adequate space, equipment and staff performing the testing and control in accordance with the regulations, national and international standards , the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 and the needs of the enterprise.

In 2012, TM has received certification from TUV- Austria for the introduction of a system for quality management according to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard

In 2012, TM has received certification from TUV- Austria for the introduction of a system of quality management according to EN ISO 14001:2004 standard
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