The submission of any type of information on content on behalf of the User is voluntary and it is a subject of the Terms of Use which are an integral part of this Policy for use and protection of information. (hereinafter "Policy"). 


1. Which are the information that we collect and what is the purpose of it.


1.1 User information has the right to collect and use the User data. The information by which the User can be identified include: names, location, e-mail address, as well as any other information that the User voluntarily entered or are provided for use of the Services of the website (available through


In the registration form completed by the User in the process of the signing of a contract, clearly states of a mandatory or voluntary nature for submission of data as well as of the consequences of declining of the submission for the same. By agreeing with the Terms of use and this Policy, the User agrees that the user information can be processed in accordance with the forseen therein and in accordance with the regulations for protection of personal data of the Republic of Macedonia.  


The providing/entering of personal data marked as mandatory in the appropriate electronic forms for registration on the website are necessary for the registration of the User and for future access to the User services that require registration.


Not providing such information presents an obstacle to executing a successful registration or a ground for termination of the relevant registration unilaterally by, in accordance with the Terms of Use.


Beside the above mentioned information, has a right (but not an obligation) to automatically temporarily save particular information that the computer or the terminal device sends to the Servers on about the User's activity. The information can be kept in log-backup files on the Servers on and may include information for pages on, web pages that the User visited, websites that have referred the User of the website, websites that the user visited through Links presented on the website, date and time of such visits, IP address of the User, type of the Internet browser used by the User, key words used by the User during the search on the directory, the number of users that saw the web advertisement (banner) on the website, the number of clicks on the web advertisement (banner) on the website etc. These information are not connected with the information that identify the individual User and are used for research and monitoring of the User behavior, its habits and interests, to analyze the effectiveness of the advertising, for statistical purposes and to improve the Services offered. may temporarily keep and process such information in a personalized form together with other information for the User submitted in the process of the registration or the use of the Services. In addition, collects log back up files (date, time and appropriate source IP addresses) when it is in accordance with the effective laws, as well as log back up files and any other information necessary for an electronic reproduction of the statements given by the User when using the services (for example, acceptance of the Terms of use, etc.), but also identification of the User in an event of a dispute or violation of the legal regulations.


1.2. Publicly available content. User content


The user content (that contains or does not contain personal information), which the Registered user publishes on the website, as well as any information which the User submits while using the Services (such as names, location, e-mail, photos, phone numbers, date of birth, information for profiles on social networks, etc.), are publicly available on the website and the User agrees to their disclosure, simply by publishing them on the website


In order to avoid any doubt, does not have a goal to collect, use, store or otherwise process personal or any other information that is a subject to special protection in accordance with the existing legislation, trough the user content registered that the User sent on the website, nor to monitor the existence of such information within its framework. The sending of User content, any other personal data or other information contained in it, in this or in any other way, when the User uses the Services is entirely at his own risk and responsibility. By accepting the Terms of use and this Policy, the User declares that he/she is informed, accepts the same and agrees that all information (including personal  data) which are a part of the User content, published on his/her behalf or on his/her User account shall be publically ​​available to any User of the website, as well as to third parties to whom provides access to such User content or other information, in accordance with the projected in the Terms of use and this Policy. Also, the User declares and guarantees that in the process of the publication of the User content or any other information, he/she does not violate the rights of third parties in relation to their personal data or other personal rights, including that he/she has already received consent for publication (to the extent required under the existing legislation). collects and uses the information mentioned in paragraph 1.1 for the purposes listed in the Terms of use and this Policy, such as providing of services, providing of access and control of his/hers User account, fulfillment of its obligations in accordance with law, exercise and protect his/hers legally protected rights and legal interests, supply of goods and/or new services offered by third parties, promotions, request for organizing, surveys and tests for statistical purposes.


1.3. Services connected to third parties may allow to third parties, such as Facebook, Inc, to publish on their websites publicly available content of products and companies on the website Such content may not contain personal data and are limited only to information about legal entities.


In addition, at its own choice, the User of the website may share (for example, via Facebook-connection service) information that is publicly available on other websites, including information about the connection of the User to other websites (for example, friends and contact lists). This policy does not apply to information about the user and his/her friends that are stored on other websites. Collection, storage, protection and processing of such information are a subject of the terms of such other websites. If the User does not want his/her friends, contacts and other information about the user that are available on other websites to be accessible on the website, then the User has a possibility to change their privacy settings of his/her user account on the other web sites.


1.4. Cookies has the right (but not an obligation) on the User's computer or other terminal devices to install cookies - small text files that are stored on each Web page through the internet server on the user's hard drive and provide an opportunity for updating information about the User since they recognize the sites/pages you his/her terminal device uses and/or searches.


In the process of providing services, temporarily keeps information and gets access to the information and processes saved on the user's terminal device in order:


1.4.1. To provide to the User normal and quality access to Services, along with all the functionalities; verification of presence of scripts, software applications and settings of the terminal device of the User, which are necessary for normal access and use of the Services and notify him/her if they do not exist;


1.4.2. To monitor and prevent the use of multi-accounts (registration and use or multiple user accounts by the same person) with malicious actions;


1.4.3. To visualize and not visualize elements from the website that have special requirements that are or are not compatible with certain characteristics, qualities or features of the terminal device of the User (example: width of the screen, resolution and other);


1.4.4. To adapt the services and to provide automatic display or hide certain elements from the website in accordance with the wishes and the user settings;


1.4.5. To advertise and explore the User preferences.


The Cookies used by do not store information (personal data), which allow identification of the user as a natural person. Their purpose is solely to identify the used by the browser and/or terminal device of the User.


The User has a right at any time to reject the saving and/or the access to the information that is stored on the terminal device used by the User.


The prohibition and / or deletion of cookies on behalf of the User can completely or partially disable the User to access the website and/or the Services, to change or remove that user preferences previously laid on the website and /or significantly impair the quality of services, which holds no responsibility of.


The user has a right in any time to obtain information from about the data stored on his/her terminal device, by sending a question to on the following email address: info[at]zk[dot]mk (the e-mail address is written in this manner to protect us from SPAM; please replace [at] by ‘@’, and [dot] by ‘.’) uses two types of cookies - "temporary" (which are deleted from the memory of the user's terminal device when the user closes the browser) and "permanent" (which are stored on the user's terminal device until he/she deletes them). The user can remove the permanent cookies according to the instructions of the browser he/she uses. The Cookies used by contain an identification number that helps in the process of the identification of the user.


The Cookies can be also installed by third parties in order to advertise goods and services that may be in interest of the User when he/she visits the website and other websites. has no access or control over the use of the Cookies. These Cookies also collect information on now to use the website and also the website that outsourced the User to the website, which internet pages from the website are visited by the User, information of other websites visited by the User, but it does not collect information such as names, e-mail addresses, other information that will allow a third party to identify the User and get in touch with him/her.


2. With whom we share your information?


2.1. Public content is entitled to the website to distribute and deliver publicly available content, including all User contents of persons connected on, their business associates and other third parties, and the Users understand and agree that such third parties can publish the User content on their websites or media platforms. They should indicate the User as a source of such User content and on their account to display and show publicly-available information, such as names and photos.


2.2. Persons processing personal data on behalf of processors)


In order for the technical support and the administration to be performed on the website and the information to be processed for statistics and marketing purposes, during the execution of tests and surveys of the work on the website, when payments are made ​​and other related services to the website are used, personal data and other User information may be disclosed and be processed by a third parties which assigned to perform certain services related the website These data will be detected and appropriately treated only to a certain extent and scope that is necessary to perform the assigned work. Accordingly, these third parties shall act as Data Processors on behalf of The Data Processors are aware that such information is subject to the Law on Personal Data Protection.


These persons shall be required to process the data and only under strict instructions of and shall not have the right of the User personal data to use or process in any other way for purposes other than for the purposes stated in the Terms of use and this Policy.


2.3. Direct marketing


By accepting the Terms of use and this Policy, the User agrees his/her personal data to be processed for direct marketing. The User has the right at any time to oppose to the further processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing, by sending written notice to on the above mentioned contact address or e-mail. The User has the right to be informed before his/her personal data are disclosed for the first time to a third person, or used on their behalf for direct marketing, as well as to be given an opportunity to object to such disclosures and use.


By accepting the Terms of use and this Policy, the User declares that he/she is informed and agrees that submits and reveals his/her personal data to other data controllers for marketing and advertising on the territory and outside the territory of the countries of the European Union, when such matter is in accordance with the statute of Law on Personal Data Protection of Macedonia. The User has the right at any time to withdraw his/her consent for further distribution of his/her personal data to third parties, in the manner described in the article above.


2.4. Disclosure of personal data is obliged not to disclose any personal information and other information about the User or his/her use of the Services, as well as not to disclose collected information to third parties – authorities, companies, individuals and others, except:


2.4.1. when such matter is projected in this Policy or in the Terms of use or when the user gives a clear consent at the moment of the registration or later;


2.4.2. when such matter is necessary due to fulfillment of а legal obligation on;


2.4.3. when such information are requested by the state authorities,judicial authorities or officials, that according to the effective law are authorized to request and collect such information in accordance with legal procedures and regulations;


2.4.4. when the disclosure of personal data on behalf of is necessary to protect the rights, legal interests and reputation, i.e. when such thing is connected to the people of or the Users;


2.4.5. when the information are disclosed to the employees or associates of due to administration related activities on and use of the Services;


2.4.6. in other cases determined by the regulations for protection of personal data.


3. How do we keep your information safe?


3.1 Policy for persons under the age of 14


The website is not intended for persons under the age of 14. does not have a purpose to collect and process personal data on persons under the age of 14. In case a person under the age of 14 has provided his/her personal data without the consent of his/her parents and/or trustee, they should immediately notify R3 Infomedia.


3.2 Safety pays great attention to the collection, storage and processing of personal data of the Users, in good faith, in the direction of well-defined, clear goals and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia and other relevant laws, if there is such case. In this sense, undertakes all the appropriate technical and organizational measures for protection of the User personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access. pays great attention and is responsible for the protection of the User personal data received during the provision of Services that are subject to the Terms of use, except in cases of: force majeure, accidental events or malicious actions of third parties or in cases where the User himself made ​​such information available to third parties.


3.3. Rights in respect of the personal data

Apart from the above mentioned acceptance of the Terms of use and this Policy, the User acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the rights determined in the Law on Personal Data Protection, including, but not limited to:


3.3.1. general entitlement to be informed of all allegations / references regarding the protection and processing of data which shall provide ex-oficcio or at the request of the User, in accordance with the applicable legislation in force.


3.3.2. right to access to their data processed by;


3.3.3. right to edit and update their data processed by;


3.3.4. right to request for his/her personal information to be removed or blocked when they are not treated in accordance with this Policy, Terms of use and applicable laws in force;


3.3.5. right to request from to notify the third parties to whom the personal data was disclosed, for each deletion, editing or blocking of the data, except in cases where it is impossible or is not associated with excessive effort on behalf of;


3.3.6. right at any time, free and without no reason to object to the processing of his/ her data for the purposes of the direct marketing, i.e. by or on behalf of or third person to be disclosed to third parties for such purposes, in accordance with the applicable legislation;


3.3.7. right to commence proceedings in front of a competent court in order to protect the rights granted to him/her according to the effective laws.


Each registered user through his/her account can correct and update the personal data saved by


The User can enforce his/her rights of this article by sending a written request to, dated and signed and/or in accordance with any other legal form that is prescribed by the laws in force. The user can enforce his/her rights in connection with his/her data, individually or through an authorized person (with the power of attorney).


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