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  • Address : Bradfordska 2-2/4
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7423 км

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Our company Eneks Group Engineering offers environmental and energy products and system solutions for heating, cooling and production of sanitary hot water as well as heat pumps and solar systems.

The company Eneks is an official and exclusive representative in the territory of Macedonia of the Austrian companies IDM-Energiesysteme GmbH for heat pumps and Sonnenkraft for solar systems.

Our mission is to offer our customers environmentally friendly and top quality products and system solutions for heating, cooling and production of hot water, with highly efficient use of renewable energies.

Our experienced team offers high quality services, technical support and training for our clients and associates.

The heat pumps manufactured in Europe, with top quality and heating capacity of 3.5 kW to 500 are the perfect solution for single or multi-family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, office spaces and industrial facilities.

- Water - Water heat pumps
- Air - Water heat pumps
- Earth - Water heat pumps
- Sanitary hot water HGL technology
- NAVIGATOR control of your heating system via your mobile phone, tablet or computer
- Active, passive and IDM cooling system
- Solar Integration
Retail Price - VAT Included:48.600 MKD36.450 MKD


Retail Price - VAT Included:24.600 MKD22.140 MKD

Collector FDH - 2.6V

Retail Price - VAT Included:42.999 MKD

BWT AQA drink Pure LOFT со Grohe ку ...

Retail Price - VAT Included:15.533 MKD

Fan coil ESTRO FC (recess mounting)

Retail Price - VAT Included:18.231 MKD

Fan coil ESTRO FL

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