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Only the idea is capital, everything else is money…

Kapital Media Group is founded in September 1999, as a publisher of the magazine Kapital, and since March 2012 it has become a publisher of the daily newspaper Kapital. The two publications are a relevant source of information for making successful decisions for the Macedonian business community.

Since March 2012 was launched the new page as a platform of all publications of Kapital Media Group.

Periodic products of the weekly magazine are the special articles, where is deviated more space to useful and practical topics, thorough and analytical information about all actualities such as credit cards, savings, insurance business, telecommunications, brands, corporate social responsibility, small business, my home, travel, medicine and pharmacy, transportation and logistics, marketing and other areas.

The peak of the research analysis and continuous monitoring of in the country's most important economic sectors, are the special editions "Top 200 largest and most successful companies" and "Top 100 exporters".

"Banks and businesses" is the monthly article, which was first issued on 24.11.2011 that was assigned with a mission to elaborate the relationship between the banks and the real sector – the companies! Analysing the banks' position in the relation to the development of the economy. The banking challenges on the road to achieving the objectives of any economic policy - the opening of new jobs through the magic theme, Investments.

"Banks and businesses", is intended for the part of the business community in which individuals think about the future of their companies. For new investments, as well as for the perspectives of their current investments. For that part of the Macedonian business community thinking about cash flows in their company...

In the last twelve years, KMG was an organizer and supporter of a number of conferences, round tables and forums. In September 2011 KMG has started its project - Kapital Academy. The project is focused on organizing major business conferences, business forums, trainings and workshops for greater knowledge.

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