Butel funeral services AD (Butel pogreben servis AD)

  • Address : Lazar Trpovski 67-a
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈10681 км


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    Joint-stock company for retail and wholesale trade with funeral equipment and services BUTEL FUNERAL SERVICE Skopje in the long-term operation has proven to be the best funeral operator.

    With all the experience, make sure that you have chosen an operator who will help you organize the last greeting with dignity.

    Based on the fact that the death occurs suddenly and most citizens facing death are confused at that moment, so BUTEL FUNERAL SERVICE will simplify the procedure, explain in detail, and organize a funeral taking into account the piety of the deceased and the feelings of loved ones.

    Funeral services:

    - Complete organization of funerals
    - Sale of funeral equipment
    - Toiletization of the deceased
    - Transportation of the dead in the country and abroad
    - Wreaths, candles, towels
    - Funeral music
    - Excavation/burial on all cemeteries on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia
    - Scheduling a priest for a funeral
    - Awnings, tables for the needs of funerals/memorials
    - Catering

    BUTEL FUNERAL SERVICE makes and installs monuments of different materials, inscriptions, paintings and all additional elements for arranging the graves.
    Photo of Location

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