Potencijal-V Centar za samoaktualizacija

  • Address : Blagoja Strackov 6/4
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈10684 км

  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 10:00 to 18:00


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Центар за самоактуелизација “ПОТЕНЦИЈАЛ-В” ДООЕЛ Скопје
Center for Self-Actualization "POTENCIAL-V" LLC Skopje is a psychological center aimed at personal growth and development of the person and helping him/her in striving to actualize the potentials.
Inspired by the work of a plethora of top psychologists such as Kurt Goldstein, Carl Gustav Jung, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Thomas Gordon... we recognize self-actualization as a key motive in human development. We believe in the human ability to develop and actualize potentials!

• psychotherapy
• psychologists and psychological counseling centers
• psychodiagnostics
• autogenic training
• assertive training
• corporate coaching
• energy leadership training

Psychotherapeutic routes we use:
• systemic and family psychotherapy,
• emotionally focused therapy aimed at partner relations,
• cognitive behavior counseling and
• integrative psychotherapy.

• assessment of intellectual capacities with psychological tests (psychological findings)
• assessment of a person's structure with psychological tests (psychological findings)

Psychotherapeutic trainings and coaching programs that we run:
• Autogenic training without autosuggestion – basic and advanced level
• Assertive training
• Emotional intelligence
• Energy Leadership – coaching corporate program
• Open your potential - the Law of Being
• Parenting skills

The "POTENCIAL-V" center is a place where you can work on your growth and development, recognize and overcome obstacles and focus on updating your potential.
Experience the beauty of self-discovery!

The POTENCIAL-V self-actualization center is led by Varvara Stojanovska Čukić, MSc, licensed psychologist, psychotherapist, corporate coach, trainer with many years of experience in the field of psychology, as a second profession.
She used to work as Economist in the Finance sector.

Email address varvara.cukic@yahoo.com
mob.++ 389 75 448 661

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