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The company MN-AS is engaged in the production of terrazzo tiles, construction, design, supervision, sale and purchase of apartments and business premises ..

Today, the company is organized in five lines, with a plan to open other lines in the following years:
• Production of the Terastone tiles
• Sale and purchase of apartments and business premises
• Designing
• Building
• Supervision

For the success of our efforts, the work itself (to this day) in the field of construction as private buildings, public buildings, regulated gardens and other facilities, also about the success of our efforts (our company), speak the thousands M2 of tiles produced and placed for short time period, on open parks, on closed terraces, as well as on other business premises. Also, we can be proud that we are one of the few companies that offers our customers complete post-sale service (transport, preparation for installation and installation).

The production plant of MN-AS is located in the industrial zone in the village Moroishta, near the city of Struga, on an area of 5,000 M². At the moment, MN-AS has 20 employees, well trained and highly qualified staff. MN-AS is recognized as a leading company in the country, by several factors, the most important of which is the quality of service, and even more important is the opportunity to offer products with excellent aesthetic, functional and price quality.

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