Fondacija Reto Nadez

  • Address : ul.1 br.220, s.Batinci
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈9449 км


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The “Reto Nadez” Foundation is a non-profit organization. At the heart of the founder, there was concern to do something in favour of drug addicts. Over the years, the demand is increasing, and at present we have centres in Macedonia and other countries.

Our goals are:

The main purpose of this association is the moral, cultural, material and spiritual assistance of people belonging to different socially marginalized groups, especially drug addicts. This assistance will be voluntary, free and personalized, in accordance with the needs of each individual.

In addition to the field of drug addiction, the” Reto Nadez” Foundation has expanded its work to help other collectives in need.


The free nature of this association is thanks to the self-financing through:
Reto Viva store specialized in selling a wide range of products, such as new, used or refurbished.
Photo of Location

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