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  • Address : Alekso Demnievski 7
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7419 км

  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 08:00 to 16:00


Daris engineering DOOEL Skopje is a renowned company recognizable on the market in Macedonia and abroad for its quality products and services offered in different industrial branches.
The guarantee for the quality of the production, products and services is the educated professional staff with numerous qualifications, continuous training and rich work experience of the staff as well as the professional associates.

The company is established with a recognizable quality in the area of the design, distribution, production, installation and execution of complete systems in the following areas:
- personal production of lightning conductors with a device for early start up (GFURS) type VEDA TOTAL;
- execution and control of systems for lightning protection;
- professional technical support for dismantling of radioactive lightning conductors (RAG);
- grounding systems;
- anticorrosive cathode protection –execution, service and control;
- photovoltaic systems for electric power (island and standalone);
- systems for automatic managing;
- electrical lighting;
- lighting with day time lights without electric power;
- contact and contactless measuring of temperatures in the industry;
- systems for gas detection;
- execution of electrical installations in explosive (Ех) execution;
- „smart“ electrical systems and installations;
- special electrical systems at the request of the clients;
- measuring instruments for electrical and nonelectrical sizes;
- joint equipment (cross joints, cleats, holders and similar);
- execution of projects, studies and professional reports.

The company Daris engineering DOOEL Skopje can be proud of its reputation of large cumulative experience of its staff as well as the professional associates with the produced, designed, installed and controlled systems for lightning protection, radioactive lightning rods and lightning rods with early start up for over 500 lighting systems in the Republic of Macedonia.
The total production and the offered services of the company are unified with procedures certified in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008.

For all the offered products and services the company Daris engineering DOOEL Skopje offers impeccable post sale professional technical support, trainings and service to all its clients and associates.

Mission of the company is continuous expansion of its range of products and services, while providing professional and on time work.
We offer to our clients, products and services with premium quality and highly efficient system solutions with the latest technology and authentic know-how.
The entire work of the company is flexible and adjusted in accordance with the demands of the clients.

The company continues with investing in development of new technologies and innovative solutions with continuous strive for increased presence on the domestic market and increased breakout on the markets abroad.

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