• Address : Pero Nakov 126
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7893 км
  • Location: МЗТ прва капија


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AS-PROMONTING is the answer for every investor and company that is looking for a trading company that can supply them with all primary and secondary construction materials, from the type of outdoor equipment for plumbing and drainage, down to the smallest nut and screw.

Our primary products and assortment of goods that we offer are:
- All types of Valves and Fittings for water (PZ, OZ, RZV, Non-return valves and valves, air valves, ...)
- Cast-iron shaped pieces for plumbing and drainage installation,
- PPR, PVC, PE and metal couplings, semi-couplings and fittings,
- Metal, plastic and GRP pipes for water and sewage (drainage),
- Underground and overhead fire hydrants,
- Covers for manholes and drainage grates,
- Drainage channels,
- Pumps and pumping stations and substations, ...

AS-PROMONTING is a private company founded in 2013. Today it is one of the largest trading companies in Macedonia in its sector.
AS-PROMONTING employees will offer you the most professional services, advice and solutions related to your installation problems as well as technical solutions in the field of hydro-engineering.
We have our own distribution network with our own vehicles for direct customer service.

As a consequence of our convictions, our biggest customers are the biggest companies from the construction industry, as well as companies for the installation of plumbing and sewage equipment.
Photo of Location

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