Sofa Studio

  • Address : Dane Krapchev 29/3
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7423 км

  • Telephone 2: +389 75 416860
  • Fax: +389 2 6090066
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 09:00 to 19:00
    Sat from 09:00 to 15:00


Sofa Studio is a private company founded in 2007. From 1989 till 2007, it operated under the name “Tehnospoj”, and in 2007 it was rebranded as “Sofa Studio”.

The main activity is the production of high-quality upholstered furniture with modern design. With us you can get an idea how best to use and decorate your home or your office. Products can be made according to the dimensions of your space and your desires and needs. Through quality, competitive prices and high production control in a short time we have proven to be a serious company in the market. The list of recommendations confirms this.

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