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Nature gives us many hidden treasures. Our ancestors managed to discover one of them, who we use carefully in the last seventy-one year, turning them into timeless artwork - each one with a unique beauty and superb look. “MERMEREN KOMBINAT AD” Prilep, established in 1946, is a global leader in the extraction and processing of snow white marble. Sivec ® is a registered trademark of fine-grained dolomite mark, which is removed from the stones of our company, near the city of Prilep.

The carefully developed commercial network and the proximity to the port of Thessaloniki, which is used as the main logistics center, enable us to distribute Sivec® on all continents.

The company operates five large quarries covering about 30% of the surface of the concession that covers 1.9 km2, the largest white marble mine around the world. The quarries are located 10 km northeast of Prilep.
The processing plants in which raw material from Sivec® is processed are in the city of Prilep. The total area of the plant occupies 65,000 m2, including large warehouses for the storage of final products.
Boards and tiles, polished and unprocessed in all sizes, as well as processed granules, buckets and custom-made products on CNC machines are only part of the products that can be produced in the factory.

Our Sivec® Marble is chosen to give a distinctive and exclusive white look to many great and well-known projects - incongruous works of art such as the magnificent Great Mother of Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi which is certainly one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world, where The Sieve ® is used on the outer facade and the four minarets in quantities of more than 100,000 m2.

MISSION - Providing top value to our investors and customers, thanks to our unique snow-white marble, through excellent work, motivated employees and compliance with the highest ethical, security and environmental standards.

VISION - Launching a new era of development, growth and productivity, in which the company will become a benchmark company in the marble industry.

VALUES - Excellence in our work; Integrity in our relationship with all stakeholders; Responsibility for our impact on society and nature.
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