Mebel Ilovski

  • Address : s.Zhilche b.b.
  • Place: Tetovo


We start our activity with the aim of offering unique performance and style of handmade upholstered sets. At the same time, we opted for the service of processing upholstered furniture.

We are guided by the wishes and needs of our customers, together with our determination for fast and quality handcrafting. We use high-quality materials and mechanisms from renowned brands, thus ensuring the longevity of each delivered piece of furniture. I have my own plant with modern machines and hand tools that enable every production to be of high quality.

Handcrafted sets offer an individual eye-catching style. This is how you leave your personal stamp on your space. Each handmade product has its own unique value and unique details, which makes it especially valuable for each of our customers.

Our handmade sets feature high quality materials and craftsmanship. Every product made by our team has an attractive design and careful craftsmanship that guarantees the durability and comfort of the set.

Consistency of quality and speed of production is a real guarantee of satisfaction of our customers. Our creativity and innovation in handcrafting are our big advantages over the competition.

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