• Address : bul.Jane Sandanski, Kapitol Mol 71-a
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈10687 км
  • Location: ТЦ Капитол мол, приземје



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    DNA ANNI FARM pharmacies have existed on our market for more than ten years, with a mission for humane and professional service to its clients and patients.

    Located at 2 locations in Skopje:
    - DNA Anni Farm Hrom - st. Isaija Madzovski no. 44
    - DNA Anni Farm Aerodrom - Capitol Mall ground floor

    We are working on improving our knowledge and introducing the world pharmacy standards, DNA ANNI FARM - Betty Pharmacy is an advanced cooperation program based on the experiences of local traditions and the latest trends in the development of pharmacy practice. The general goal we are striving for is a pharmacy completely oriented towards the client and his needs.

    Our goal is to help honestly and with all our knowledge and professionalism in the right product choice needed for our client.
    Prevention is better than cure.

    Our vision is healthy, happy and satisfied clients from the professional service of the DNA Anni Farm’s team.

    Awareness that preventing our health is the best investment in our lives.

    For more tips on good health, follow our YouTube posts: https://www.youtube.com/@annifarm4302
    For the latest promotions of DNA Anni Farm: https://www.annifarm.com.mk/product-category/sales/
    Photo of Location

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