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Vault door - BIRODOOR

The BIRODOOR vault doors are manufactured from class II to class X in accordance with EN1143-1.
(Certificates BDB-II, BDN-III, BDF-IV)
They can be built into vaults built on site, or on modular vaults.
They can be equipped with an additional safety grid, for daily closing.
Except the minimum assigned locks for each class, extra locks can be built on the BIRODOOR vault doors, in order to meet the requirements and needs of the client.

Modular vaults - BIROMOD

The modular vaults, unlike the vaults made on site have the following advantages:
they are lighter and give less burden to the objects construction, can be built into older, adapted objects, there is a possibility for transfer from one object to another.
The BIROMOD modular vaults can be made in different dimensions according to available space and purpose in classes that range from II to X according to EN1143-1.

Deposit safes

The deposit safes are made in the form of blocks with doors with different dimensions (given in the table below) and the same are made out of INOX.
The dimensions of one section of deposit boxes are 925 х 635 х 425mm. Also, there is a deposit box in each deposit safe with high up to 294mm.
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