• Address : Marshal Tito 54/12 lok.21
  • Place: Tetovo
  • Distance: ≈7820 км
  • Location: Стара пожарна (спроти Т-Мобиле, Вип

  • Telephone 2: +389 70 960809
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 08:00 to 16:00


Road markings
HORIZONTAL (HORIZONTAL) SIGNALS - consists of the following subcategories: longitudinal marks, cross marks, other marks, clean the horizontal (horizontal) traffic signals.
Longitudinal markings - information related to the longitudinal markings (solid line, dashed line, dividing line, center line, the thickness of the solid lines, the thickness of the broken lines, type the dotted line, dashed line 111, dotted line 333, dotted line 5 10 5, the broken line 6 12 6, warning line, warning of transition lines, line thickness on county roads, the thickness of the lines on state roads, thickness of 12 cm, width 15 cm, thickness 20 cm, thickness of the lines on autcesti, edge lines, warning line, the width of the center line, the width boundary lines, double solid line, double dotted line, full longitudinal line, double dotted dividing line, double combined dividing line, the length of transparency, drawing lines on the road, white lines, yellow color line, ...)

Transverse markings - information related to the transverse markings (lines Stopping, stop lines, the thickness of the stop line, stop line, stop line, stopping the solid line, dotted line stops, slashes, struts, stop, pedestrian crossing, the dimensions of the pedestrian crossing, crossing bike paths , marking bike trails, walking trails, a pedestrian zone, marking hiking trails, ...)

OTHER MARKS - information related to the arrow signs on the road surface, traffic islands, parking spaces, one-way arrows, the dimensions of one-way arrows, the dimensions of the two-way arrow, three-way arrows, surface-way arrow, surface two-way arrows, boxes for routing traffic, traffic islands, road surface Islands, the line routing traffic signs on the road surface, road signs, stop sign, sign BUS, BUS mark, bus stop, bus stop, tRAM, tram stop, sign TAXI, TAXI mark, markings on the quotient, marking the school, school signs , signs of, ozbnačavanje bus station, marking a pedestrian crossing near the school, marking parking lots, marking a parking space, parking space, parking space, the dimensions parkinrališnog places, types of car parks, parking places width, the length of parking spaces, parking space for the disabled, the code disabled , disabled parking, the width of the parking lot for invaild, parrying longitudinal, transverse parking, sloping parking, line thickness of parking places, fight for parking, marking speed bumps, marking device for calming traffic, evacuation line tunnel.

CLEANING HORIZONTAL (HORIZONTAL) traffic signals - basic information about the technology of cleaning and removing the horizontal (horizontal) traffic signals.

VERTICAL (VERTICAL) SIGNALS - consists of the following subcategories: traffic signs, road signs, brackets and portals, changing (dynamic) signage and tourist signs.
TRAFFIC SIGNS - information relating to the preparation, installation and quality of traffic signs (a list of road signs in the Republic of Croatia, traffic warning signs, traffic signs explicit commands, traffic signs alerts, notification signs to guide traffic-road signs, signs, signs of danger dimensions, dimensions of characters izrič|itih commands, dimensions characters notification, dimension signposts, installation of traffic signs, altitude traffic signs, additional ploč|e, pole traffic sign, materials of construction traffic signs, EG foil HI foil, retroflekija traffic sign, size and shape traffic sign, traffic sign foundation, depth of the foundation of a road sign, the number of road signs on a pole, the signs in the village, signs outside the village, signs in the pedestrian zone, a manufacturer of traffic signs, ...)

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