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“Vardar Dolomit” is a European manufacturer for sinter dolomite, dolomite bricks and tables, located in Gostivar and is owned by the “HAZNEDAR REFRAKTORIS group”.

Having direct access and control of the main raw material through the high quality mines owned by the company, “Vardar Dolomit” is in strategic advantage compared to several other dolomite producers in the world. The processing of raw materials from local mines represents a highly efficient production process that minimizes environmental impact and improves business sustainability.

The use of dolomite in the steel industry has rapidly increased in the last decades as a result of their positive determination for the production of pure steel in a clean environment. The high degree of fire resistance, inertia to steel, excellent performance and low cost emphasize dolomite as a reasonable choice for steel producers in the 21st century.

With a production capacity of over 60,000 tons per year,” Vardar Dolomit” is proud to supply its customers with the highest quality premium fireproof refractory materials, obtained at the highest standards.
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Fireproof paste Durofil

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Fireproof paste Durplast

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Fireproof paste Duramdol

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