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Today, in a time of modern technology, children are isolated from more serious physical activity. Numerous scientific research has shown in practice that physical activity, with rational guidance of life, is one of the main preconditions for the development and maintenance of the physical and psychological health of children and adults. All those who train regularly are more resistant to diseases, their work capacity is increased, they create a creative spirit, become more balanced, gain confidence in their own strengths, they are better and better fit into the environment in which they live, study or work.

SC Vardar offers:
• School for development of motor skills and recreational gymnastics (for children and adults)
• “Karate Do”- the school of the SSC Vardar
• Cross-fit

From the aspect of developing ability: it will gradually increase concentration, coordination, flexibility, agility, speed, strength, endurance, will develop a secure sense of space and time, dynamic balance, sense of rhythm, determination, patience, dedication, perseverance, tidiness, accuracy, analytical abilities, general intelligence, pleasure to help others, and many other things.

The great experience in working with children and adults of our professional educators (Dr. Nazim Kurtović, Prof. Dr. Jovan Jovanovski, Dipl.ek. Margareta Kurtović, Sanja Vlaisavljevik and Anja Demiri) from the three areas that worked diligently and with love for children, will make your kids love the sport and become psycho-physically healthy people. In addition, through regular testing of physical and functional abilities and health control (at the Institute of Sports Medicine) you will contribute together to monitor your child's development.

The area where the training is held is air-conditioned, wide and clean. It is bedded with tatami that are 4 cm thick and equipped with modern training equipment. It is located in the city center of Skopje in the business building of the parking garage” Razlovecko Vostanie” opposite of Soravia and “Rabotnicki univerzitet Koco Racin”.
Photo of Location

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