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Sava Insurance is a company that is present on the Macedonian insurance market for almost 25 years with full commitment - providing our customers with top care.
- We are a stable insurance partner and an excellent payer of damages.
- We are recognized as a serious and trusted partner of insurers and business associates. We invest in maintaining a high corporate culture based on transparency and teamwork.
- We are always at the cutting edge with innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.
- We make custom-made insurance for our clients, having all their needs and budget first as a priority
- We have powerful internal facilities: a dedicated team of over 200 employees, a highly developed sales network, a technical inspection station, a dedicated contact center for telephone and online support, as well as a dedicated assistant center for the organization and coordination of assistance and services for certain damages. In this way, we are always available to them and available to our customers.
- We belong to one of the most powerful insurance groups in Southeast Europe - headed by our parent company Sava Re from Slovenia, which has a 40-year history. Sava Re recently entered the pension insurance market as the owner of “NLB Nov penziski fond ad. Skopje”, thus achieving its development goals and determining the stable position of the insurance market in the Republic of Macedonia.

• Insurances according to your needs
• Excellent payment of damages
• 25 years of experience
• 40 subsidiaries
• 200+ employees
• Online sale of
• Station for technical inspection Sava Station
• 24/7 contact center
• Assistance Center for Organization and Coordination of Assistance

We have numerous opportunities to help you best protect your property, your home and your family. Here, what we distinguish and recommend as particularly useful:
• Household insurance
Insurance of the home with all that means value in it, for you and your family will provide protection, security, tranquility: whatever happens, you have to whom to rely and trust.
Household insurance policy is the protection of your residential facility along with household objects and accessories (for example, a garage). With it you provide coverage from destruction, extinction or damage, caused as a consequence of the insured hazards. Depending on the risks involved, 3 household insurance packages are defined: basic, standard and luxurious package.
Only with us in Sava Insurance, the most common dangers, i.e. risks (fire, flood, water spillage from water and sewage installations, neat pipes from hot water installations, window glass breaks, etc.) are included in the policy as the primary risk, that is, a risk that you do not need to pay further.
In addition to all of this, you also receive the 24/7 Home Assistance service - help at the moment when an accident occurs in the home for which urgent intervention by a craftsman is necessary. You are calling the emergency number of the assistant house and you receive help to repair the problem: the craftsman will be sent as soon as possible!

• Insurance of motor vehicles
From us you get the most complete offer of motor vehicle insurance on the Macedonian market: besides auto liability, Casco, green card, we also have a kind of driver's cashier, a replacement vehicle service, automobile assistance, Casco for an old-age car.

- Automobile liability insurance (AI)
Legal mandatory insurance that is done annually, when registering the vehicle. It is the insurance of the liability of the owner of the vehicle, if it caused damage to third parties in case of a car accident.
Your AI policy can be purchased online here.

- Casco insurance
Auto Casco insurance allows you to insure your motor vehicle from damage or destruction. We have three packages: Super Complete, Full and Mini Casco insurance, depending on the risks that you want to cover.
In addition to these, there are other possibilities for Casco insurance of vehicles that are adapted to the needs of our customers: Casco for parking lot - for the protection of vehicles in the parking lot; Casco at first risk - a product for the protection of passenger vehicles older than 6 years.

- Green card
When traveling outside the Republic of Macedonia, it is necessary for the vehicle to have a "green card". It is the territorial expansion of the AI policy in all European countries that are members of the Green Card System.

- Insurance of driver-user (AI plus) - only in Sava Insurance!
The AI policy can be upgraded by ensuring that the driver can suffer from bodily injuries that he would suffer in a car accident that he caused it. For only 599 denars a year, you receive coverage of up to 25,000 euros in a situation for which there is no compensation for AI. It is valid on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and all members of the European Union.

- Car assistance 24/7
Car assistance can be accompanied by your AI or Casco policy. It represents 24/7 support and organization of assistance in numerous hazards for motor vehicles, at home or abroad. With only one phone call, you receive an organization of assistance, as well as coverage of costs for: minor malfunction correction, towing and transferring the vehicle, transporting the driver and passengers to the final destination, renting a replacement vehicle, fuel, loss of vehicle keys and more.

• Travel Insurance-Traveling around the world often can be unpredictable. We do not know what is waiting for us at the next turn. The surest way is always ready to wait for the bend, and the journey to stay in a nice memory is – to be insured. With our policy you go carelessly on the road, because you receive help and support in a situation when urgent medical care is needed, legal assistance, help with lost luggage when traveling by airplane ... Travel insurance can be concluded for a minimum of three days and for a maximum period of one year with benefits in concluding family travel policies.

• Company insurance -Your business is exposed to various hazards, thefts, weather disasters or accidents on a daily basis. There are many types of protection, but nothing cannot protect your capital as high as the insurance. We ensure what can be important in a successful business: property with facilities, inventory and values, as well as fleet, transportation, and responsibility. This complex protection works with special attention and covers a number of risks: fire, burglary, earthquake and other dangers. We create special cover for insuring the most important - human potential. We provide employees with accident insurance (disability, consequences of an accident, death), and can cover different groups or categories according to the needs of the business partner.

Never alone on the way!
Never alone at home!
Never alone on a trip!
Never alone in an accident!
Never alone with illness!
Never alone in the business!
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