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Ri-Ep is a company that owns a travertine mine and two processing plants.

• Polished tiles
• Brushed tiles
• Bush hammered tiles
• Non-polished tiles
• Split face tiles
• Stairs
• Split face bricks
• Tumbled paver
• Massive tiles
• Massive products

In 2015, the mine is equipped with new modern, contemporary machines for travertine exploitation. The mine also owns machines for the production of travertine blocks. The industrious hands of our employees shape the stone, giving it a new life. Knowledge and experience are the qualities our employees have which our company is proud to present. The annual capacity for production adds up to 2000m3 blocks for export, as well as 8000m3 blocks and tombolons for production and sale.

• Crawler Excavator
• Diamond rope
• Wheel loader
• Drilling machine for marble and travertine
• Blockers
• Cross cutting machine
• Polishing with two calibrators and eight polishing heads
• Filling machine for travertine
• Machine for Tumbled Travertine
• Stone splitter

The company is actively engaged in the exploitation of travertine and its processing since 1995. In 1997 a plant was built for the production of massive elements that were used in the use of over fifty churches and mosques in Macedonia. In 2000, a second plant was built, which specializes in the production of tiles and tile materials with a capacity of 50,000 square meters per year. RI-EP DOO is an export-oriented company that has supplied materials for numerous facilities in the countries of the European Union, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, and Serbia.

Our goal is in your home, building, street, office space, shopping center, restaurant, hotel, banks to create a place of worship, created by a stone that will shine and be eternal.
Photo of Location

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