Rema Computers (Rema Kompjuteri)

  • Address : Kosta Novakovikj 8
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7427 км


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REMA Computers is the agent and distributor of many top manufacturers of computer equipment, which deals with distribution, installation and maintenance of peripheral, communications and multimedia equipment. From the very beginning of its existence (1993) has gained the trust of world-renowned company EPSON and has the status of Authorized Distributor and Service Center in the Republic of Macedonia.

The effects of the operation of this modern IT company reflects not only on expanding the range of products, but also providing high operational profitability. Thanks to its professional and business oriented approach and professional expertise of its professional team, the company for years keeps the leading position of IT distributor in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
Its business position and future development and growth, REMA builds on the foundations of a very good knowledge of the business processes of its customers, and with a distinctive approach to the importance of IT technology in everyday workflows. The company is already 20 years known distributor, which fosters fair and honest relationships with its partners.
Rema Computers is a company that works according to strict business principles, allowing its partners to rely on their future business activities. Good logistic support, which includes tracking orders, fast and timely delivery of products reflects with satisfaction and loyalty among customers. On the other hand, special attention is given to the establishment of an ambitious team of highly educated staff that is always trying to create and maintain trust in relationships with their partners or customers.

In addition to selling computer equipment quality, our partners and offer a service for the whole program of EPSON products, equipped with modern devices for diagnostics and removal of defects. Ready to perform quality service of all products of the sales program. Our service technicians are regularly trained on special service education, which ensures thoroughly and quality service.

Our vision is Rema computers to become IT leader, and to offers the best IT solutions in Macedonia and abroad. The good position on the market it makes this company to accomplish its vision through intensive work with aim to expand the range of products, achieving most affordable prices, maintenance and increase of the business of existing and projected markets, expanding by attracting new partners who would be willing us together to achieve common goals for the development of IT equipment with high quality, safety and reliability with particular appreciation of the professionalism of each individual, correct interpersonal relations and business relations. REMA computers covering different sectors and different sizes of companies - from small and large companies, to government institutions and public enterprises providing products of the best brands, in order to meet customer requirements for complete IT solutions.

Our mission is to provide world-recognized market products, innovative solutions and impeccable service for electronic business through genuine partnerships with independent computer companies. Also quite important for us to maintain a positive and continuous growth of the company, applying the international standards, following the modern technologies and trends presented by international companies. Special care and attention is given to the needs of dealers, consultancy, design, development, integration, deployment and maintenance services, which makes the company more prosperous and more competitive. REMA computers constantly creates values that will positively reflect on the quality of products and continuously create competitive working environment and good perspective for development of the working careers of employees.

The main long-term strategy of REMA Computers is to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty among dealers at the highest level. REMA Computers is also known as a responsible company that is able to implement even the most sophisticated IT systems. We established quality standards and define the fields of the development challenge of our company, by setting the same and have grown into a reliable partner to all our customers and friends. Thereby:

We constantly enlarge the number of IT products in our extensive portfolio in order to quickly eject new products to market while ensuring access to the latest IT solutions to customers.

We continuously invest in our employees through trainings. We are ready continually to achieve more competitive prices of our products, leading to an increase in the percentage share of the market.

Develop strategic partnerships towards achieving the targets.Continuously develop our corporate culture and try to become an attractive company for employment across all markets on which we conduct business operations.

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