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  • Address : bul.Partizanski Odredi 42/2
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈10683 км
  • Location: do Sante klinika

  • Fax: +389 2 3178488


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With its 11 years of tradition, Golden Book is a leader on the information market and a brand with high level of recognition, built brand image and continuously strong loyalty on behalf of the Macedonian clients. Additionally, trough the regional edition on Albanian language, the brand is also available for the Albanian population.

R3 Infomedia creates 2 printed editions - brands: Golden Book and Libri i Artë:


Mass, innovative and annual information medium for Macedonia. For the users on one hand, provides fast and simple obtaining of valuable information for the needs of the everyday life. On the other hand, the advertisement in this annual printed informatory is a safe source for new sale and increased income for the companies.

Golden Book does a detailed categorization for all the services, products, institutions, establishments, individuals, small and large companies.

- 2.004 head-lines of categories in the original index of categories
- Over 60.000 detailed and checked information
- Present in the companies and in the households
- Discount coupons that can be used during the whole year
- Free distribution for everyone


Libri i Artë is the first annual information medium in Albanian language in the Republic of Macedonia intended for the Albanian population in Macedonia. Libri i Artë at the moment is the only information medium with commercial content from this size, which satisfies the needs for advertising of the small, medium size and large businesses not only for the Albanian but also for the Macedonian population.
Retail Price - VAT Included:850 MKD723 MKD

Test product

Retail Price - VAT Included:242 MKD218 MKD

Direct mail

Retail Price - VAT Included:48.590 MKD44.999 MKD

Direct e-mail marketing

Retail Price - VAT Included:3.200 MKD

База на податоци

Retail Price - VAT Included:3.200 MKD

База на податоци

Retail Price - VAT Included:1 MKD

Direct mail

Retail Price - VAT Included:6.663 MKD

Advertisement in Golden Book

Retail Price - VAT Included:Ask for price

Advertisement on www.zk.mk

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