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  • Address : Jadranska magistrala (Kachanichki pat), s.Vizbegovo б.б.
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7420 км

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In May 2014 in Macedonia was opened the representation of the German group "Profine GmbH" which owns the renowned trademarks:


Our experience in the area of the production of PVC profiles intended for production of doors and windows is measured in decades and we are a leader in this area on the European market with a 26% representation. Profine has a total number of 3700 employees on 29 location in 22 countries in the world. The current production capacity of high quality PVC profiles of 450.000 t. per year is a prove for our possibilities and the trust that we have from our clients.

The right choice of system profiles is one of the most important decision and in the process of decision making a person must be guided in accordance with the following criteria
- competitiveness
- wide assortment
- quality and reputation of the manufacturer
- technical service and marketing

For all profile systems the group offers a wide range of over 20 shades of color profiles.
The company which represents PROCENTAR SISTEMI DOO with a legal seat on str. Jadranska Magistrala bb, 1000 Skopje, Industrial Zone Vizbegovo .

We invite you to visit our sales area where you will be welcomed by our staff.

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