Pedijatrika D-r Svetlana Pejova

  • Address : Kosta Novakovic b.b.
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7854 км



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    Педијатрика Д-р Светлана Пејова
    Specialist paediatrician Dr. Svetlana Pejova with 27 years of experience in the field of paediatrics - the developmental path of child health care.

    The paediatric practice works within the Polyclinic “Jane Sandanski” in the Paediatric ward - Office No. 30.

    The practice is dedicated to the medical care of new-borns, infants, children and teens. Paediatrician health care is very important - the whole dynamics of growth and development and the psycho-physical development of the child is being monitored. The paediatrician points to any further deviations and influences on the child's personality formation, as well as advice and support to the mother on how to treat the new-born, how to breastfeed, hygiene, nutrition and so on.

    The office offers the following health services:
    • Advising on proper growth and development;
    • Counselling for a healthy child;
    • Review by a specialist paediatrician;
    • Monitoring the weight and height of new-borns and small children;
    • Advice on proper breastfeeding, proper maternal nutrition;
    • Timely detection and treatment of common infant diseases and infections;
    • Examination of a sick child;
    • Prevention of anaemia;
    • Systematic examination of children
    • Issuing prescriptions and referrals
    • Inhalation

    Examinations and prevention that can be done in the office:
    • Inhalation
    • Infusion
    • ECG
    Photo of Location

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