Mzt engineering

  • Address : Sv.Kliment Ohridski b.b., lam.2/6
  • Place: Bitola
  • Distance: ≈7908 км
  • Location: Пелагонка 2

  • Telephone 2: +389 47 239732
  • Fax: +389 47 203731
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 08:00 to 15:00


Mzt Engineering is a proven supplier of equipment in the automotive industry, energetics, transport equipment and systems, construction equipment, etc., and the experts rank it among the leading capacities in the field of deep drawing and metal stamping in the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkans.

• Deep drawing
• Metal stamping, piercing and embossing
• Welding
• CNC Plasma Cutting
• Assemble service
• Making tools

MZT Engineering was founded in 1984 in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. In 1998, began with the development of its own production, above all of metal elements and assemblies, by deep drawing and metal stamping.

The company owns its own production plant, located in Strumica, where a full range of eccentric and hydraulic presses ranging from 40 to 500 tones operates on a space of 2000m², which performs procedures in the field of deep drawing and metal stamping, penetration and embossing, such as and with all the necessary equipment for assembling various assemblies, welding and puncturing, CNC cutting with a plasma and a line for surface protection.

Within the company there is also a design bureau where the tools for deep drawing and metal stamping are constructed, on the basis of which the concrete tools are developed. All procedures are performed in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 standards for which MZT Engineering LTD Bitola has been certified since 2001. MZT Engineering has, besides the quality certificate, an environmental certificate ISO 14001: 2004.
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