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Мн инжинеринг
MN Engineering Laboratory offers services in the area of quality control of building materials.

What we do:
Concrete laboratory
• Non-destructive testing of concrete in construction with a sclerometer
• Destructive testing of concrete in construction by removing concrete cores
• Concrete mix design with previous laboratory testing for all types of concrete
• Design of concrete mix for prefabricated elements
•Full laboratory and on-site testing of fresh concrete - Consistency
•Performs complete laboratory and field testing of hardened concrete such as compressive strength
•Concrete design for all types of structures in construction, civil engineering and hydro construction
• Program for the quality of concrete and reinforced concrete structures for all types of structures in construction and hydraulic construction

Geomechanical and field laboratory
•Preliminary geotechnical laboratory testing to determine the bearing capacity of the soil on the ground for the construction of all types of foundations.
•Examination of dynamic modulus of deformation by dynamic plate method and compression modulus by static circular plate method
•Preparation of reports and laboratory documents from test results
•Examination of physical - mechanical characteristics of aggregate and stone
• Advising on quality standards for materials and on their possible improvement

Contact us for all your questions on 070 688 979.

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