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Feel safe with us. We have the complete solution for your home, office space and hotel!

Mise Systems offers:

Delgate Motor DC120 Spring Gate Opener Set - 600KG

Thermal protection built in motor windings. The mounted drive is made of turbine and it works calmly.
In the event of a power failure, the gate can be opened and closed manually after release of the clutch.
Automatic reverse function. Multiple interfaces (UPS, infrared, solar, bluetooth, alarm lamp, mobile phone application, visual system, external buttons, etc.).

Power supply: AC220V DC24V;
Engine speed: 1800r / min;
Gate speed: 12m / min

HIKVISION bullet cameras

Complete hotel solution

- Electronic locks;
- Software in Macedonian;
- Video surveillance;
- Alarm and firefighting systems;
- Access control;
- Working hours’ records;
- Automation

Hik Vision Videophone

Monitor, 7 "Touch-Screen Color Display with 800x480 Resolution, Linux OS, 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet Port and Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n Module, Functions: Intercom / Connection Capability (Calls) to Other Monitors / Remote Opening Door / Voice Message Recorder / Auto Answer & "Do Not Disturb" Mode, Microphone and Speakerphone, 8 Alarm Inputs / 1 Open Collector Output, Wall Mounting Plate, 12 Vdc / 10W or 24 Vdc Passive PoE, Dimensions 217 × 142 × 26 mm '

Villa call 4-button VCR with Built-in 1.3 MP Camera, Aluminum Mask, Camera Resolution: HD720P, 25fps (P), 10M / 100M Network Connector, RS-485 Communication Interface, 4 Alarm Inputs, 1 Alarm Output, IP65 Protection, 12 VDC, IR night light power supply. Built-in card reader.

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