MG Fiber optika

  • Address : M.T.Gologanov (Ivo Lola Ribar) 149/1 lok 1
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈9438 км


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“MG Fiber Optika dooel” was established in 2010 in Skopje. Its main purpose is to provide fiber-optic network support and service, as well as logistics throughout the country. It also offers solutions, set-up and implementation of passive and active devices. Splicering, Measuring, Testing of Fiber Optic Infrastructure is done with instruments that are highly sophisticated and manufactured by world leading brands. Also the teams that work are certified, keep up with the world trends and innovations in this technology and have many years of experience.

“MG Fiber Optika” is currently providing logistics support and outsourcing to several companies using our services:

- Fusion and mechanical blending
- OTDR measurement, power meter and TX-RX
- VFL testing
- Construction of FTTH
- Maintenance
- Locating and troubleshooting a network ...

Technical support
We offer technical support for your infrastructure.

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