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    Marmofix is a growing brand with high-quality materials such as plasters, paints, substrates, thermal insulation adhesives and a line of specialty products. When it comes to architecture, choosing the right items can help enhance the overall look of a space. Marmofix is a trusted network of specialists who have been working in this field for many years in Switzerland and thus understand your wishes and needs. The goal is to satisfy the customers, and for this purpose they are always available to help. What sets Marmofix apart is their eco-friendly production, which is not only the best of its kind, but also in line with modern production and quality requirements.
    This range of products not only meets the domestic requirements but also meets the needs of the international market.

    Decorative Plasters – If you are looking for premium plasters that differ in grain size, coating, structure and resin composition and also provide an extra layer of wall protection, this MARMOFIX list is for you. These products are just what your building needs to add a modern architectural touch. MARMOFIX is recognized as a brand that protects both the interior and exterior of buildings from weather-related impacts.
    Paints - the Marmofix paint collection has a variety of colors for interior and exterior decoration that also protect the walls. Among other things, the products are known for their ease of use, outstanding covering power and cleaning resistance.

    Plasters and adhesives - This Marmofix product line provides base plasters, leveling adhesives, tile adhesives and adhesives for thermal insulation materials such as EPS, XPS or MW. Adhesives are essential to ensure the structural integrity of the implemented insulation system. The products are known for their excellent adhesion, elasticity and workability.

    Substrates and Specialty Products Substrates play a huge role in the material application process as they improve surface adhesion and their use is often critical. Marmofix also offers a range of high quality underlays. For surfaces that require more moisture protection, available 1K and 2K flexible waterproof materials can be selected. Marmofix has a list of special products that are designed for a more elegant and fresh appearance of the internal and external structures of the building.

    For information you can contact us at 075 211222, our team will take care to answer all your questions and requests.

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