Leks elektrik

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  • Address : ul.1550, s.Vizbegovo 8
  • Place: Skopje
  • Distance: ≈7847 км

  • Telephone 2: +389 2 3095721
  • Fax: +389 2 3095721
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 08:00 to 16:30
    Sat from 08:00 to 15:00


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<p>Leks Elektrik is a company based in Skopje, Macedonia and on the market for electro materials is present since 1999. The company shows continuous growth thanks to its competence and commitment to customers.</p><p> </p><p>Increasing its technical base, i.e. logistic potentials, the company is able to offer to the customers the most adequate solution for their needs trough direct sale as well as trough a process of engineering and production of customized distribution systems. With a constant commitment to quality and innovation, Leks Elektrik is a representative of several reputable companies specializing in consumer and industrial electricity.<br/>
 </p><p> </p><p><a target="_blank" href="http://www.lekselektrik.com.mk/"><img alt="" src="/sites/zk/docs/pwp/ba60b61d6823fc8f3bfbe87bada3f33b.jpg" width="100%"/></a></p>
Retail Price - VAT Included:1.860 MKD

Сет битови 40 psc

Retail Price - VAT Included:2.960 MKD

Дигитален мултиметар

Retail Price - VAT Included:5.150 MKD

Сет алати 18 psc

Retail Price - VAT Included:200 MKD

Кроне Реглети

Retail Price - VAT Included:1.150 MKD

Прилагодлив клуч

Retail Price - VAT Included:2.400 MKD

Кутија за алат, PVC, 25

Retail Price - VAT Included:1.150 MKD

Клешта за сечење 180mm

Retail Price - VAT Included:950 MKD

Клешта комбинирана 200mm

Retail Price - VAT Included:1.300 MKD

HQI T 250 W

Retail Price - VAT Included:240 MKD

Гребен 16 A

Retail Price - VAT Included:500 MKD

Voltmetar 500 V

Retail Price - VAT Included:1.366 MKD

Улична Сијалица 250 W Natrium

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