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The ethno-restaurant “The House of the Miyaks” (Куќата на Мијаците) is located in the most historically significant part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the glorious Miyak region, which gave the most important Macedonian folk minds, social activists, writers, builders, artists ... Here, after all, the Macedonian national awakening began, the first public schools were opened here, and here was the birthplace of modern Macedonian state. Powered by the clear waters of the Orthodox Christian faith, the Slavic-Macedonian tribe of Miyaks left a great and lasting mark on the spiritual culture of the Macedonian people, which in turn had a strong influence on the material culture. That is why “The House of the Miyaks” is built entirely in the spirit of traditional Miyak architecture. In fact, eclecticism has been made of the diverse Miyak styles of urban and rural architecture from all the places where Miyak has been spread, with the most refined elements being selected from those styles. “The House of Miyaks" consists of a ground floor and two floors. Upstairs there are four guest rooms for overnight stay. The other two floors, about 500 m2, are intended for the restaurant: there are more rooms - rooms decorated with traditional wooden ceilings and rosettes, fireplaces, mosaics, harmoniously revivalist ornamentation style, characteristic for the 19th century of the Miyak area, antique chandeliers and lamps, wooden settee and screens ... An added benefit of authentic ambiance is that waiters and other employees are dressed in stylish Miyak costumes. The house has two spacious open balconies, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor, which have a beautiful view of the Radika River and the green mountain forest. Also a cosy and tranquil seating area is the spacious summer garden, located in the courtyard of the House.

In addition to the beautiful ornamentation, the walls of the "House of Miyaks" adorn black and white photographs of prominent Macedonian clergymen, dukes, revivalists, teachers, artists ..., born Miyaks, but also of segments from everyday Miyak’s life, customs, costumes, etc., architecture, interior and exterior, interior content, ornaments and photography, food, music and ambience make the House of Miyaks much more than just an ethno restaurant; in fact, it is a kind of restaurant-museum, a kind of memorial house of the glorious Macedonian Miyak past.

Indeed, "The House of Miyaks" is a beautiful ornament in the valley of the clear Radika river, an ornament so harmoniously embedded in all of nature. It is a place where one can freely step out of day-to-day responsibilities and worries, and to sail calmly through the ages, learn more about the history of the area and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and food.
Photo of Location

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