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    EVN AD Skopje is an energy company that operates on the Macedonian market since 2006. It is a part of EVN AG, a leading European brand for energy and environmental related services. In the past years, EVN invested over 360 Mio EUR in the improvement of the overall quality of the electricity supply, distribution and customer service overall. To its customers, EVN provides 24/7 service in Macedonian, Albanian and English, but it also offers a possibility for personal service in 33 different locations all over the country.

    In the past period, due to the alignment of the local laws with EU regulation, EVN as a vertically integrated energy company had to implement a process of legal unbundling of its business areas. EVN now represents a larger family of companies that share and unite the same values of supreme customer service and sustainability in every sense.

    Elektrodistribucija manages with the distribution grid and with that it performs electricity distribution. In order to ensure stabile electricity supply for customers, Elektrodistribucija implemented a range of measures. Field teams on duty that solve outages in a fast and efficient manner are distributed across the country, but also continuous investments are made in the grid quality and losses reduction.

    EVN is an inseparable part of Macedonian society and is actively committed to the economic, social and ecological improvement of the country. As a responsible company, we pay special attention to projects that preserve and protect the environment since that is the only way to truly enable sustainability. In this regard are our permanent efforts to monitor contemporary trends in renewable energy and invest in the technological development of these solutions.
    Photo of Location

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