Dish wish

  • Address : Skupi 6/9
  • Place: Skopje


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    Dish Wish is a company established by a team of experts who tend to your needs of regular and timely meals through Dr. Ana Gifing’s well-proven and famous Chrono programme. The proper nutrition includes perfectly balanced nutrition through the right choice of ingredients in a particular part of the day and consumed at the right time.

    You are your lifestyle. Nutrition is one of the basic needs of our body, therefore food and regular meals represent a significant part of a human’s lifestyle. The everyday obligations and the fast life can force us to abandon the quality living habits.
    So, let us not suffer the consequences of following the modern times’ pace.

    Find some time for yourselves and leave it to us. Our mission, honour, and gratitude is to deliver your regular meal just in time to consume it

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