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Termometri Makedonija is a company that is an authorized importer of several European and world-famous manufacturers of professional portable measuring instruments and fixed control systems. Measuring and logging temperature, humidity, flow and pressure of liquids and air, rotation, vacuum, air quality, industrial valves for specific purposes, pH, conductivity, flow meters, as well as detection of flammable and toxic gases, are just part of the products that Termometri Makedonija can offer you.

The products we offer are of extremely high quality and we can say that they are the best you can find on our market. In Macedonia we are direct representatives for the following companies:

• Dostmann Electronic, Burkert, Kobold, PCE-Instruments (Germany)
• Crowcon (United Kingdom)
• Tecnosoft, Controll Process (Italy)
• Habonim (Israel)

Our products are used in:
• Laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies
• Chemical plants and treatment plants
• Production, storage and transport of food and medicine
• Growing, storing and transporting cannabis and other crops grown in greenhouses under controlled conditions
• Greenhouses, wineries, slaughterhouses, fishponds
• Supermarkets, dairies, mushroom farming

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