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Manufactured in accordance with the European standard for safety EN 1627, which is confirmed with a European certificate issued by ECB-S.
The door is made in a form of a sandwich of two-sided steel sheets, filled with thermal insulation PP mixture. It has dual sealing with a rubber tape and all that provides thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection.
The door wing is bordered with a decorative AL strip and the same is double coated with a MDF with thickness from 4mm to 6mm, which can be veneered or painted in a shade of your desire.
The door is locked with a safety lock that locks in few points.


That fireproof doors are a good compromise of functionality and beautiful design and also can be installed in any industrial objects (halls, offices), in public objects (schools, auditoriums ....) and the representative objects (hotels , banks .....).
The doors are made of sheet steel, protected against corrosion and aesthetically painted.
The inside is filled with special fireproof layers, depending on the class.
The doors have seals which are active in normal exploration and special expansion fireproof seals, which are activated in case of fire.
All the fire resistant doors that we produced are manufactured according to MKS U.J1.160 fire resistant standard and it is confirmed with the certificates.
Also, all the doors are manufactured according to the standards JUS ISO 834 (1994), the testing is made from IMS - Belgrade and it is confirmed with the Test Report.


These are fireproof doors where most of the wing surface is fireproof glass.
The frame is made of special fireproof profiles which are constructed to have minimum deformations in the case of fire and they have great rigidity in order to withstand the weight of the massive fireproof glass and special fireproof alloy.
They greatly seal in normal usage and have extra expansive fireproof seals.
They look nice and can be fit in any environment. These doors are designed for mounting in any representative objects.
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