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  • Address : Marsal Tito b.b., s.Brvenica
  • Place: Tetovo
  • Distance: ≈7823 км

  • Telephone 2: +389 70 283845
  • Working Hours: Mon - Sun from 11:00 to 00:00


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Just 5 km from Tetovo, or only 15 minutes from Skopje, in Tetovo in the village Brvenica is the unique and authentic restaurant complex Bakal, a place that with its unique ambience, content, beautiful nature and unique specialties will immediately win you, a place where you will always want to return.
The Bakal Restaurant offers a warm family atmosphere and excellent food that will spice up your experience, whether it's a business lunch, socializing with friends or a romantic dinner with your partner. In a beautiful atmosphere every loving meeting turns into endless pleasure, and every business lunch has a positive and constructive atmosphere spiced up by the ambience. The murmur of the water, the beautiful plants and the unique ambience created in the restaurant with a great sense of aesthetics and, above all, with love, leaves no one indifferent.
This elegant, yet traditional Macedonian restaurant offers quality food prepared with a lot of love from the best culinary masters. Every day on the menu there is freshly roasted lamb, yoke, pig, fresh fish as part of the traditional Macedonian dishes, as well as international foods such as “podgrace”, “kapama”, “gomeljk”, but also “foie gras”, “magre”, “t bone steak”,” tatar beef” and more , a place where you can find something for everyone. Great choice and quality is the reason for a great number of guests from different parts of Macedonia, but also from the region to come to the Bakal restaurant. In "Bakal" you can feel the spirit of the Macedonian tradition, through the interior, gourmet specialties and the kindness of the staff, which is often the reason why many diplomats visit and they are amazed to go.
Within the restaurant there is a bakery, where home-made bread and white pastry are produced. It is made of rye bread of rye flour, minced on a stone, where 90% of the bread contains this flour without any colors and additives, as well as corn bread, also from corn minced on a stone, and several breads of French recipe. Within the restaurant there is also a milk restaurant.
Photo of Location

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