Alma Savik

  • Address : Bratstvo Edinstvo b.b.
  • Place: Bogdanci
  • Distance: ≈10817 км
  • Location: с.Селемнија

  • Fax: +389 34 218366
  • Working Hours: Mon - Fri from 08:00 to 16:00


Al Ma-Savic DOOEL is a family business with a long tradition in the production and trade of fruits and vegetables and a tendency for their promotion and placement on foreign markets.We work and we are in direct contact with fruit and vegetable producers, ie. we work without intermediaries and represent the first level in trade.

Al Ma Savic DOOEL is a reliable company, consistent and timely supplier of fruits and vegetables on both the domestic and foreign markets, which provides delivery of a wide range of products of both domestic and foreign origin. We strive to provide quality service with sufficient and varied quantities, expeditious delivery, and decent price that will be competitive in your markets, which enable the tendency to build long-term partnerships with domestic and foreign customers.

Al Ma Savic DOOEL is located in the southeastern part of Macedonia between the two cities of Bogdanci and Gevgelija, just a few kilometers from the border crossing Bogorodica. Favorable location and the Mediterranean climate in combination with the fertile soil and the proximity of the river Vardar, in this Mediterranean area to grow Mediterranean fruits. As a result of the large number of 240 sunny days a year with an annual amount of 2392 hours of sunshine, they enable successful production of many horticultural crops, in which the winter cabbage stands out as specific, which succeeds only in this part of Macedonia.The fertile soil and the clean ecological environment, due to the proximity of the mountain Kozuv, enable the production of ecologically clean and healthy agricultural and horticultural fruit crops.

Over the years, we have gained many years of experience in the production and supply of fruits and vegetables and we are in direct cooperation with the best individual agricultural subcontractors from our region and beyond, which ensures the satisfaction of our customers' demand.

Our company is always open for cooperation with loyal and honest customers for long-term cooperation for mutual interest.

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