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Alfa import is an exclusive imported and represents famous world renowned companies such as Univerzum Kurbshnica, Toza Markovic Kikinda, Zorka Opeka Shabac, Rapid Apatin, Bitumenka Saraevo, Terran Ungarija and also import from the famous construction-production companies such as Ursa, Kanuf Insulation, Potisjle Kanjiza (TONDACH) and Xella corporation.

Since the beginning up until today Alfa import builds recognizable image, based on trusts, loyalty and close collaboration with the partners.
The company is in disposal of:
- quality distribution network
- widely spread sales network, supported by the entire infrastructural logistics
- wide range of construction materials
- spacious and well organized storehouse
- flexible commercial and financial service

Sales program:
- Façade bricks (RAPID APATIN, ZORKA OPEKA)...
- Materials for construction (NEXE STRAZILOVO, UNIVERZUM, XELLA, ZORKA OPEKA)...
- Thermo-insulation (KNAUF INSULATION, URSA)...
- Hydro-insulation (BITUMENKA)...
- Glues (Viodom S.A, Ytong)...


The concrete as a basic material for production of our shingles is one of the most used materials for covering of roofs.
The advantages of the concrete shingles: stability of colors and flat surface, protection from external influences, continuity in shape and resistance & natural ingredients.
Each our shingle and concrete element has passed the surface processing.
We offer three types of surface processing that defer one from the other by the quality and the components:
(Basic) deviation of the surface processing: high resistance, enduring color, good constitution and quality of the surface.
Colorsystem: The products treated in this manner are much more resistant to different weather conditions.
Resistor (premium category): the processing of this type of surface is performed on the concrete shingles that provides top quality of the same.

The quality roof is constant in any weather condition, waterproof, enduring, easy to build, easy to maintain. The quality roof has to have easy possibility for reconstruction and to be ecofriendly.
All of the above mentioned characteristics has the shingle Nexe. We guarantee for the quality with the numerous awards and certificates, received as a confirmation for the top quality, tradition, eco consciousness and contribution in the sustainable growth. The guarantee for all Nexe shingles is 30 years. In case the client decides to purchase the complete roof composition with the NEXE KROVOPLUS roofing equipment, he will receive an extended guarantee of 30+10 years.

The roofs from out range of products are a large format of shingles which by their quality, color and design represent an unique combination for your roof. The main characteristics of the shingles are its sizes (10 pcs./m2) which have a significant influence for the expenditure of materials as well as the speed of the building. We offer a large selection of colors for the shingles – natural, red and black.

The roofing solutions of the program Nexe Polet Serbia are in the category of pressed shingles, for covering of roofs.
The deep double creases enable extraordinary tension of the roof surface. The most important advantage of using these shingles in relation to the other similar tiles made of clay is their constructive solution that allows sliding on the roof surface in the range of 31.5 cm to 35.5 cm.

The pressed shingles from the program TONDACH are used for covering of roofs in slope. Thanks to the doubleside creases with great depth these shinhgles enable even better sealing of the roof surface which removes the danger of infiltration of rain accompanied by wind and dry snow.
The roof of TONDAH® has a lifespan longer than hundred years, if the roofing construction is done according to the prescribed standards. The shingles of TONDAH® are not only durable, but they are economical if you take into account the value of the roofing material.

In a short period of time a new roof!Your old roof can be easily and quickly repaired i.e. replaced. Why spend more money? TONDAH® has fast delivery and service, complete solution (offers expert advice about possible changes) and professionally implements your ideas and you will enjoy the benefits of TONDAH®: 33 years guarantee, sustainable security, lasting value for future generations and environmental awareness.

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